Production system



A leading manufacturer of high-performance valve.

IN 1916, Our Company was established as Kojima Valve Industries Co., LTD. and started manufacturing valves for petroleum drilling wells for Teikoku Petroleum Co. In 1955,due to the enlargement of petro-chemical and oil refining business, our acceptance of orders increased remarkably.Since1955.we manufactured ball valves for ethylene lines for low temperature, plug valves for isomax 2500,1500 and 900 class, plug valves for H2S gas for hydrogenation lines and ductile iron plug valves for butadiene lines, one after another. We started exporting since 1975, we delivered valves to refineries and specially to power stations in many countries. Furthermore, we developed plug valves made of Titanium and Nickel for high temperature and high pressure lines. We have so far delivered our products Kaizer Iron Works, in USA and Shin Nihon Iron corporation. As described, our company is the company with long standing records in the valve industry manufacturing ball valves and plug valves.
In 1981, our main products are high performance ball valves and special valves after changing the name to Hatanaka Special Valve industries Co., Ltd. In addition to our conventional products, patented cassette type ball valves and large size ball valves for gas pipelines are used by Tokyo Electric Power CO., LTD. and many other companies throughout Japan and are being exported to many countries around the world, Our Company is the leading manufacturer of burner ball valves for power stations in our company. Regarding valves for heavy oil, natural gas and steam, we meet a yearly demand of about 15,000 units with high pressure and high temperature specification. We have retained the long-standing and engineering technical experience from the original company. We have also taken over many subcontracting companies which were in and under the control of our company.

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