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This website (hereafter, `the website`) is operated by the Hatenaka Special Valve Production Company (hereafter, `the company`) for the purpose of offering various services. Before using the website we ask that you read all of the following data points and agree to the terms and conditions detailed therein.

1.Copyright and trademark

Everything published on the website (including but not limited to articles, photographs, images, illustrations and programs) are protected under the copyright laws of Japan as well as international copyright laws such as the Berne Convention. In accordance with these laws, the material on the website is the property of the company or those given license by the company. Beyond personal use within the limits of the law, the use, reproduction, alteration or distribution of these materials without permission is prohibited. With regards to e-mails sent from the company to customers and clients, the content of the e-mail, along with any documents or materials attached to the e-mail are also considered creative property, and therefore the copyright of this content belongs to the company. Re-use or re-printing of this content or these documents or materials without permission is prohibited. The trademark, logo and firm name published on the website are the property of the company and the copyright holder. The use of these without permission from the company and the copyright holder, except in circumstances acceptable under Japanese and other trademark laws, is prohibited. If you wish to use these materials, please contact the company and obtain permission before-hand.

2.Operating environment

Regarding access environment
The website has been tested and run using the following access environments. (As of 2/1/2014)
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0~10, Firefox 23.0, Google Chrome 32.0.1700.76 m, Safari 5.1.7, Opera 12.16
Regarding JavaScript and CSS
To utilize the website, it is necessary that Java, JavaScript, and CSS (style sheets) be active in your browser settings. If you are unable to view the website normally, please check your browser settings.

3.General disclaimer

The content published on the website by the company is strictly created and maintained to stay founded on factual information. However, the company cannot guarantee the absolute veracity or completeness of the information contained on the website. Additionally, the site policy of the website may be changed without notice. In this case the website will use the new policy from that time forward, so please confirm your acceptance of the policy once more after the changes are made. The company reserves the right to change or delete the content, URL, product listings or any other information listed on the website. The information on the website may not be current, and the company bears no responsibility for loss or injury incurred from outdated information on the website. The company may, due to maintenance or malfunction at the internet service provider or servers, or due to power outage, fire, earthquake or any other natural disaster, or for other operational or technological reasons, suspend access to the information on the website or suspend or stop operation of the website. Additionally the company reserves the right to alter information on the whole or part of the website without notice. The company bears no responsibility for any injury or loss incurred by either accessing or failing to access the website for any reason, or through the actions of third parties including but not limited to unauthorized access, posting, speech, or e-mails (injury or loss caused by conflict between customers is the responsibility of the customer).

4.Regarding links

Those who wish to link to this website should contact the company beforehand with information regarding the ownership of the website they wish to link (hereafter, `the link website`), as well as the reason they wish to link the website or the URL of the link website itself. If the company finds linking with the link website unacceptable the company may refuse the link. The link websites linked by the website or linking to the website owned by a third party each have their own administration and management and are each subject to their own access restrictions and rules. When accessing the link websites please act in accordance with the access rules of each website. The company bears no responsibility for the content of the link websites or for any injury or loss incurred by accessing the link websites.

5.Regarding the privacy of personal information

Please see our privacy policy.

6.Regarding SSL

To protect the privacy of personal information entered by users on the website, the company utilizes VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption on all contact forms. SSL securely guards any information entered by the user and prevents any fraud or identity theft from occurring as the data is encrypted and passes from the sending computer through the network to the receiving computer.

Hatenaka Special Valve Production Company
Representative Director Souichirou Hatenaka

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